Edge DFTS Batista


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ST. LOUIS – Ever the opportunist, Edge took advantage of Batista’s injured leg, rolling up the wounded Animal to retain his World Heavyweight Championship at Judgment Day.

This rivalry was born when Edge shocked the world and cashed in the Money in the Bank two weeks ago on SmackDown to win the World Heavyweight Championship. He was immediately thrust into the path of Batista, who had been in hot pursuit of the title since losing it at WrestleMania 23. Batista’s constant chase of the title while in possession of Undertaker put him in numerous matches where he came up short, and just when it seemed as if another chapter would be written in the Batista vs. Undertaker rivalry, Edge speared his way to the spotlight, robbing our fans of another classic.

During his inaugural address this past week on SmackDown, Edge was interrupted by Batista and assured by the former champion, “that title is mine.” Prior to their match at Judgment Day, the Rated-R Superstar reiterated, “I did in three minutes what Batista could not do in three months, defeat one of the greatest champions of all time – The Phenom.” Edge continued, “News flash, this is my title, not yours Batista. The Rated-R era has begun.”

Like him or not (not that he cares), Edge made a huge statement by defeating Batista, perhaps living up to his word that a new era has indeed started on SmackDown. But for that era to be successful, Edge will have to undoubtedly face the same challenges from The Animal that Undertaker endured. Batista is hell-bent on regaining the gold, and despite his loss to Edge, don’t count him out just yet. Also not to be overlooked are the hosts of other hungry Superstars looking to make a name for themselves on SmackDown.

If anyone knows about making a name in sports-entertainment, it is the eternal opportunist who has twice cashed in Money in the Bank to win championships – the World Heavyweight Champion Edge.