Eden's Bowy


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There seem to be two worlds - one composed of the land where normal people tread, and the floating cities where the powerful live amid high technology and glory. In this land of disparity, there is a legend that the old God turned against his creation, the human race, and was struck down by his own sword, wielded by one known as the God-hunter. The power of the dead God begat newer, gentler Gods, who protect the humans, most of all, the God-hunter, who has been apparently reincarnated into a young boy, named Yorn. Unfortunately, the cities of power want Yorn dead, and so he embarks upon epic journey of fantasy and wonder, and more than a little danger, where Yorn and his mysterious companion, the girl Elisiss, must face forces beyond his comprehension.

Content Rating: 13+ (violence, mild adult innuendo)