Eddy Curry robbed, tied up


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NEW YORK -- New York Knicks’ forward Eddy Curry’s home in Chicago was reportedly broken into early Saturday morning, police said.

The star forward may have been tied up during the possible home invasion.

Curry averaged 19.5 points and seven rebounds a game for the Knicks last season.

Curry was traded from the Chicago Bulls to the Knicks in October 2005.

"We [are] aware of the situation and are very thankful that Eddy Curry and his family are safe. He told us it was a traumatic experience. At this time we are aware that the local authorities are handling the situation," according to a statement from the Knicks.

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Aw, Here It Goes!
I hope he's all right, you would think he would be one of the last players in the NBA to be robbed being as big as he is and all. But as long as your still alive you have everything to be thank full for.


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Well when you have guns, it doesn't matter who you're up against. Any person making millions of dollars has to always be mindful of the fact that someone's out to get them and their money.


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This is the second player to get rob this summer in Chicago first it was Antoine Walker and now Eddy Curry.

I am glad that he's fine. Hopefully this won't tramautize him.