ECW's current state: Good or Bad?


Dr. Rockzerz

What do you guys think of ECW at the moment?

I think its a good wrestling show. They have at least like 1 good match every show for example that Fatal Four Way match was good on ECW with Burke, Thorn, Dreamer and Richards. I expect the Triple Threat to also be good this Tuesday.

Anyways i think its fine for an hour show. Id like to see more guys come to ECW who arent being used on RAW or SD just so they get a chance to shine. Id love to see Chavo or Super Crazy added to ECW. ECW is mainly just training ground for guys the WWE wants to test as a main eventer or build up like a monster kinda like Big Daddy V and how Snitsky was before he got moved to RAW.

The storylines need improvements because the best storyline they have ever had was New Breed/Orginals.

Im glad they have a GM now but Estrada doesnt really fit the GM role well.


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ECW is pretty good IMO, but if it is a training ground for WWE i dont think CM Punk should belong in there IMO

if Mark Henry didnt have an expiring contract, moving him to ECW would be a good move


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I personally don't really enjoy ECW I believe that there's only a could of good wrestlers on the show, those being CM Punk, Morrison and Burke, which I believe these guys should be on Raw or Smackdown battling for the IC title or the U.S title.

Also I don't think it should be called ECW anymore, I believe it's like Velocity or Sunday Night Heat, there's barely and hardcore matches anymore which is ashame.


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Yeah I think the show is taking away from the legacy that at one time was ECW. The matches are more often then not just matches to get some guys ready for the big times like Raw or Smackdown. But I think that it's not to bad of a concept but they need some new and talented guys there.

Dr. Rockzerz

ECW is pretty good IMO, but if it is a training ground for WWE i dont think CM Punk should belong in there IMO

if Mark Henry didnt have an expiring contract, moving him to ECW would be a good move
Punk is only there to attract viewers. If he wasnt on the show ECW would have like a .9 rating every week instead of a 1.3 or whatever it is now.

ECW has to have someone to get people to watch and thats Punk. When they move Punk to SD or RAW im sure someone else will go to ECW to take his place.


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They'll need to. I think ECW had some tough breaks. I mean they had that Turkay fella and he left the WWE and I think if he and guys like Booker T had to go to ECW then maybe it'd be a bit better to watch from time to time.


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The state of ECW? It's okay, nothing great but okay. They have some good wrestlers and some good matches but most of it is the same guys every week. How many people are on the rosteR? 12?

Send the following to ECW...

Super Crazy
Val Venis
OVW guys

I dont know why WWE cant call up Paul Birchall or someone like Johnny Jeter from OVW and put them on TV and build them up. Hell Cody Rhodes over there would be ok.


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I don't think Kane would be a good fit there though. I think he's one of the few big men that can use that gimmick over and over again and have it work for him but in ECW that won't be much of a factor.


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The roster is pretty messed right now. They don't have a lot of superstars. But they are one hour and only have one title so it's not that horrible.

I would like the roster to look like this if they ever turn into a 2-hour show

Armando Estrada
Balls Mahonney
Big Daddy V
Bobby Lashley
Brooke* as manager not dancing bimbo or wrestlers
Chuck Palumbo
CM Punk
Cody Rhodes
Elijah Burke
The Great Khali
Jeff Hardy
John Morrison
Kelly Kelly*
Kenny Dykstra
Kevin Thorn
Mark Henry
Matt Striker
Mike Knox
Santino Marella
Shelton Benjamin
Stevie Richards
Tommy Dreamer