ECW tonight


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Tonight's show was good IMO. I dont know how many of you watch ECW but tonight was well done. I thought the opening tag team match was well done and Colin showed me a lot this evening. He did a very good job and Dreamer did as well. I am very happy to see Miz and Morrison retaining as they are awesome tag champs. The WWE Tag Titles seem to be more important than the World Tag Titles....since Miz and Morrison actually defend them.

Interesting twist with the ECW title match. So will the 24 man battle royal air live on the WM telecast are beforehand? Interested in seeing who beats, I mean challenges Chavo for the belt.

Stevie Richards lost in what, 15 seconds?

CM Punk qualifies for MITB...not surprised he won in Chicago and not surprised he won in the fashion that he did. Looks like something might be going down with him and Shelton.