ECW last night...Atlas is back!


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Loving the feuds on this show. Ryder v Benjamin was good, Sheamus vs Goldust was good and then Christian and Dreamer teamed up to take out Regal's clan of thugs.

Also, The Abraham Washington Show is a good fit for ECW. It allows these guys to talk at each other and develop rivalries. Otherwise, that time would likely go to promos for the main event feud. Which means different guests and topics. It's even good for the hour-long format. You'd think that it's taking time away from matches. And it is. With a small roster, though, that keeps you from seeing Sheamus/Goldust 3 weeks in a row, intensifying the feud while extending it.

The only problem I see is, what's the pay-off? Washington is a heel, so he needs to be gotten. He's not a wrestler, though. If he were a babyface, enjoying his weekly show would be pay-off enough. Maybe he should replace the blonde as general manager.

But Not just yet, when he gets more established. Anybody but the bimbo, though. I read that Washington was FCW GM, so they could be grooming him for the role. I could see the egotistical GM with his own talk show to book matches and stuff. At least it would be a variation on the tired heel GM shtick.

Oh and good for Tony Atlas...he's Washington's assistant...he did a nice job laughing and laughing and laughing last night.


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Because I'm in class every Tuesday until 9, I usually only catch the main with last night. I'm a big fan of both Goldust and Sheamus, so I thought the match was pretty damn entertaining.

It's nice to see a main event that doesn't center around the title feud...ECW (as a one hour show) can get repetitious with its main events when it's always in the format of:

One week - challenger announced
Next Week - Champ bests challenger
Next Week - Challenger bests Champ

Does that make sense? haha