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    It looks like Bush will probably hammer out some sort of stimulus package before the State of the Union. I have really mixed feelings. If it is aimed at the poor, it will be of little benefit to the economy. Even if it is across the board, with no spending cuts it becomes a $80Billion dollar liquidity boost. This is only going to tank the dollar further, which will probably send oil over $100pb. Last year, we had the worst inflation in 17 years. And that was the stated inflation, as opposed to the shadow statistics. I see inflation as enemy #1 in America right now.

    One the other hand, I think this will get the current candidates on both sides on board for tax cuts/reform. The only real solution for inflation is less government spending and more consumer activity.

    At the end of the day, I don't think this is a purely political issue as all sides are on board. It does look like Bush will be able to define an issue in this race and as a standing President, I think he has the right to do so.
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    The economy is not bad. It's better then when Clinton was in office. I don't see why we need "stimulus". Unemployment is down, taxes are low. The only reason the dollar is dropping is because of the government sticking its nose where it shouldn't be. Private buisness. Spending is still up regardless. The enviro-weenies saying we cant drill here and there. Oil prices are up because of that, and thats putting a real drag on the economy if anything. If you want to boom the economy to triple digit numbers and crush any other currency in the world, pass the fair tax. Shut down the Feds and IRS, drag them into the streets and shoot them.
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    If you think things are better now than when Clinton was in office, you are sadly mistaken.

    Clinton built a surplus, Bush has led us to trillions of dollars in debt, just look at it. The Canadian 'loony' is worth more than the dollar now. the stock market is tanking, most economy issues are at there highest point in 17 years....

    If you believe the economy isnt bad, you are batshitinsane
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    Huh? The whole idea is to get the money into the economy quickly. That means it will need to be targeted at people who will use it.
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    A few of the ideas for the poor are heating assistance and food stamps. Heating assistance means nothing since all you are doing is getting people caught up on their bills. If you are 3 months behind on the gas bill and get $300 to catch up, that money is just going to sit at the electric company. It won't be realized until the quarterly dividends.
    Food stamps are better, but the system has so much corruption and bueracacy its hardly an effective way to give the economy a shot in the arm.
    In general it takes a lot of paperwork to tell the poor the kick start the economy and the results will always be sub-par.

    Every household getting a check for $300 or $600 is definitely the way to stimulate growth. I would love to see it happen for the sake of my businesses, but there's going to be a hangover effect from doing so.
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    Or you could just send them a check, of course. Sending folks who are extremely wealthy a check will do a whole lot of nothing (not quickly, anyways). So, clearly, such things should be aimed at the working class.
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    If doing nothing is the best option (Which I'm not sure about)
    and sending every house a check is the 2nd best option
    your option is a very good 3rd choice. imo, that is.

    b/c the top 10% may invest it or buy coke with it and the bottom 10% may pay their light bills or buy marijuana with it - you're looking at 80% effective.
    who knows what people will do.
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