Ebay's shill policy update - we need to be careful!

Discussion in 'Money & Investing' started by fairyquadmother, Jul 21, 2005.

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    I can say with confidence, that noone here bids with the intention of only driving up the price or helping someone out.
    For example, there are 3 of us here bidding on Iggy's auction right now, although we all like Iggy and hope her luck changes, we all really want that clover......yup, it's gonna look great in my kitchen window! :)
    From what I read, it sounded like he was saying anyone who has access to the item being sold should not bid. i.e. family members or roommates.
    I really don't think we have anything to worry about, but thanks for posting the info.
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    I bid...I pay............and I hope iggy gets a lot for the clover...I really like it as well..............and ya know *hint* and girl would love my Coffee cup too!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH
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    I think what he means, is anyone that has access to information that the general population does not have, then they have an advantage. "Because a seller's family members, roommates, and employees have a level of access to information about the seller's items which is not available to the general Community, they are not permitted to bid on items offered by the seller—-even if their sole intent is to purchase the item. "

    For example, I would say if someone has information about the reserve, or special info about the quality of the item, that might give them "insider trading" heads up.

    Personally, I think it's silly, but on the other hand, my point was there might be someone with a big bug up their arse that would find that enough reason to turn someone into ebay for shilling.

    Having said that, if I want to bid on any of your auctions, I will do so.

    I wasn't speaking specifically about the clover, not sure where that came from.. I was just talking about any auction in general.
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    It was just an example, since I know there are 3 of us who want it and are bidding. :cool:

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