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ebay suspended my account I am so mad....


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I can't believe this, ebay suspended my account indefintely.... accused me of shill bidding... why in the world would I do something I am so against... I am so upset about this, it bad enought I had my husband wallet stolen not long ago and then I had someone hacked into my account and list items that wasn't mine... I get spoof email all the time...... now I get this.... this is so unfair.. I went ahead and closed my paypal acct and what I am gonna do is stick with another auction site... this is getting out of hand......... You will see my auctions at overstock or yahoo... Ebay i just about had it......... urghhh,,,,,,,,,
nani :tough:

don't worry i be around to keep you guys posted I had it with ebay....... i am not even gonna try to reinstate it for what so the same thing to happen to me........no way........... nani


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This site isn't just for eBayers. Users of ALL auction sites are encouraged to post and share their experiences. :)

And sorry to hear about your account. I just had my account closed on eBay as well, although it was by my own choice. I asked them to close it. I am sick of the problems myself.


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Ana...You'll have to be sure to post your auctions here as most of us don't frequent the other auction sites. Please let me know when you have things going on. Sorry to hear about what happened. That was a real crock of sh**!


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don't worry I am sticking around here, I enjoy everyone here and it's not gonna take me off this site right andrew......... now I am just mad now I have another ebayer threathing me because of my son's yu-gi-oh cards....... he asked me off guard and me without asking my son what i would take for them, I didnt realized it was for the whole lot... anyway, he is now emailing me threats ( i blocked him) and i reported him to the authorities for phone harassment i have his number so he isn't so bright.. he is being a jerk and making my MS act up... ebay says I have two other accts which I never opened.. and apparently this person I blocked one of them and yeah it was one someone here thought it was me. and I should of caught and invesgated it more... I am so upset now I am just gonna deal with money order/cashiers ck... paypal i closed that account... I swear be nice to catch these people to do it to them......... Payback would be sweet revenge..........
Don't worry I will post all my auction still here... thanks andrew , I see I am not the only one with these issues..........with ebay.......

greenhappykat said:
eBay suspended my account too, about a month or two ago. I had to fax them documents and then I got reinstated. I am starting to hate eBay more and more everyday!
i am not gonna even try to do that.........they aren't worth it. nani

I am not gonna bother with ebay.......... but i will still post and stick around... can't get rid of me....lol I still be around...........nani
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Good for you Ana. If I've learned anything from ebay or even this forum it's this:
You cannot please everybody all the time and some people refuse to be pleased at all.


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I am so sorry...mannnnnnnnn this would be so upsetting....sorry this happened to you!


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no I am not because why should I have to all over again this is the third time this happened to me... I now have a stupid person from ebay harassing me over cards I posted for my son. He didn't pay me or anything and he wants me to sell them to him for 80 dollars no shipping all i told him it against ebay rules to do so outside of ebay... and I told him if I dont sell them I let him know... it's all I said and this person reported me... this the person no one here. Who reported me as a fraud and said I was misleading... etc.... then I get an email from ebay saying my acct was suspended. so me thinking it is another hoax......... well it wasn't this time..
it truly was.. I can't call ebay so I used the ebay live help which to me isn't the way to do business . I canceled my paypal acct immediated so that won't get compromized.. and it had pending transaction withdrawls in froms of checks but they stopped it... so I said til i get this settled I want it closed... so that is that on paypal. Now ebay. they say that someone used my information to open two accts... and one of them was bidding on my own auction... so I take auction seriously too like everyone here. to bid on my own auction I would never do that. I am going to press charges of course but I won't reinstate my acct I am just going to pay what I owe and be done with ebay... I almost had to go to the hospital over this , this morning about an hour ago my ms attacks stopped and I decided for now I rather not deal with ebay..... three strikes and your out........ anyway.. but I will still be here to post and be around you all are good friends and supportive to me.. Do you all remember when i posted my husband wallet was stolen .ha this is no laughing matter but all my information was in his wallet my email, passwords,bank accts his ssn and mine.....so I had to make a report an addeuem to the first report to show ebay my am a victim of identy theft........... I still have no clue who it is....but I am pissed....... at least one of the ebayer that bought my last auction paid and it cleared so I have no problem in fact I am getting a statment from him for ebay that , to help me he said... he came to pick up the car........with his wife.. nice guy... I hope nobody trust anything emails and check your acct regularly.......ok
see now why i won't go back to ebay........nani

thank you tgirl and wolver don't worry I will bounce back I just post at another auction I guess it's why goldenpalace.com the girl left too........ they are being the ____ing jerks...........you can fill it in.......lol i gotta be nice.......lol but right now i am not.......lol

here is the link now on over stock......... and they have cheaper fees........nani

http://auctions.overstock.com/cgi-bin/auctions.cgi?PAGE=PRODDET&PRODUCTID=4919322 oops forgot
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I would seriously try to resolve the account with eBay.

One reason to do this... if in fact the hackers have comprimised your account you have to think of the negatives that these people may do in your good name.

Say for instance they put up an auction for a expensive item. Then a buyer buys it and pays. Then of course this person never ships it... what now happens is that your name is in association with the account. What can happen is the buyer could do an Internet Fraud claim against you IFCC, http://www1.ifccfbi.gov/index.asp
If this fraudster decides to run multiple auctions under your name and say all those buyers have been ripped off what now can happen is that your good name is put on record... if you never tried to resolve the issue with eBay then you may find yourself liable. That is if a bad cop doesn't do more of an investigation.
I have seen bad things happen to good people as a result.
I was a victim as well but with PayPal, although everything is resolved now after almost 10 months I still refuse to use them...
If eBay does not put a proper investigation to the shill bidding you have a suit on your hands most certainly and there are people who have gone to the law to protect their name. eBay has certainly put some more focus on Customer Service and it's a great thing... I have certainly noticed a change in regards to certain things I deal with aside from my account listed here on AS.

If you notice that CS with eBay is a bit slow to your responses and semi vague. Try the [email protected] email and email her. She may not reply personally. I have had her marketing guy as well as other head honchos reply and all of them have provided a very personable email. You will get resolvement. They usually reply within 12hours to less then 24 even on weekends.

Don't think of eBay as a venue as they state. Think of it as a company like anyother who has your personal information on file. You need it resolved.


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WOW girl I am sorry to hear that! Ebay is getting a tad bit ridiculous! They are nit picking and just taking anyone's cry baby tattle tale antics to heart and attacking the victim! I may mosey on over to overstock and check them out too.