eBay Stock not doing so well


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eBay has been raising their fees a lot lately. Perhaps this has something to do with why their stock taking a bad turn..

Chart: EBAY: Basic Chart for EBAY INC - Yahoo! Finance

That's a 3 month chart. As you can see, it's gone down roughly $8 per share in 3 months. It's going back up a bit now but it's hard to say whether or not that will last or not.

I owned some eBay stock several years ago but I've since sold it all.


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I would have to say that the recent fall is directly caused by the rate hike and the lack of consumers trust and the unwillingness to pay those fees.

I also think the outrageous shipping cost are a factor too. Many are looking for a new way to sell & buy their stuff.

I myself have almost stopped doing business with eBay.


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eBay just needs a lot of people to leave before they realize that they should lower their fees. Everybody knows they are making a a TON of money, but that won't continue if their stock holders keep losing money. There's two sides to this coin. If a decent amount of their stock holders sell their shares and get out of eBay stock altogether, then eBay will have less money and have to raise their fees even more to compensate. :D

Ok maybe it's not quite that straight forward, but hopefully for eBay's sake that's not how it ends up. :)


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I wonder if their stock losing money would make the folks at eBay sit up and take notice. It would be nice to see some positive changes, not just in pricing but in being proactive about scammers and gougers. They keep talking about the sense of community but I think that's a thing of the past.


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Wow surprised to hear that. I know they love raising the fees to advance other areas of the business. I guess it finally caught up to them.


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This doesn't particularly surprise me. EBay HAS been hiking their fees too much lately, and that combined with how much (more and more) the actual sellers (me included sometimes) take advantage of shipping fees to make a few extra bucks makes buyers want to look elsewhere. Sure, the eBay format was revolutionary, but now it's time to make some changes if they want to keep growing.