Ebay Song


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That was a good video. Only other ebay spoof I've seen was MadTV's of that annoying commercial they had back in the day. Good to see a general ebay spoof.

Most of what they say is true. Most of what they say sucks. Some of it I just don't understand, like why people would want or even find out about the weird stuff. But hybrix knows all about that.

And I think I had that Smurf tray when I was really really super young. If I didn't have it, I used someone else's a couple times.


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One group used this song for their lip sync project.

It was kind of lame though. All they did was raise up whatever was being sung about =/

I thought it was pretty funny when i first heard it. Weird Al is a crazy man


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It is certainly not his best song even though I enjoyed it a lot.

My favorite yankovic songs are When I was your Age and Albuquerque, those are his true masterpieces.