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ebay scam


Registered Member
I just read this in an auction. I hadn't heard this one before

"*EBAY SCAM ALERT* ......After this auction sells do not answer any offers to buy this item from any other E-mail addresses other than the Seller's E-mail Address (*******@aol.com.) eBay Scammers are offering for sale high priced auctions, whether have sold or not, to other eBay bidders saying… "The High Bidder has decided to pass on this auction. If you are still interested in buying it for your high bid please send the money to.........” or "I see you are the high bidder, but the auction did not make its reserve. If you want you can buy this item for your high bid......" This Scam is being used on all high priced eBay Auctions. Careful the Emails may even look and sound like they are coming from eBay. The one clue to discovering this SCAM is the E-mails do not come for the Seller's E-mail Address. PLEASE, BEWARE!"


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all. Just a note to this I have seen it done on all sorts of collectible items ranging in only a few dollars up to thousands as well. Same type of email too.
So beware any time you get a second chance offer!!
Check up on it to make sure it's a legitimit offer...



Registered Member
You know, It stinks that so many people are out there trying to rip others off. There must be a special place in Hell for those scam artists.