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Discussion in 'Money & Investing' started by ebayrulz, May 1, 2005.

  1. ebayrulz

    ebayrulz Registered Member

    Hey I was wondering how many watchers you have to have in order to make the EBAY PULSE?
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  2. kromsales

    kromsales Registered Member

    Its not really how many. Its having the most. I have 127 right now and havent hit the pulse yet :(
  3. Mina

    Mina Registered Member

    I'm at 38 and crawling up slowly.. that's with an added bonus worth over $100.... I'm having fun with the aucion though!! My best friend thinks I'm nuts, but such is life
  4. doubles2004

    doubles2004 Registered Member

    Mina they can think your nutts who cares. you are doing what you want and are having fun doing it so thats all that matters .we all gotta have fun sometime :lol:
  5. LicentiousVenus

    LicentiousVenus Registered Member

    I am determined to get an auction on the post this summer....i have a few ideas, hopefully one of them will work

    good luck with yours
  6. nani1987

    nani1987 Registered Member

    totally agree with you doubles......... heck we are just kids still even though we are in grown bodies... I am still young at heart are you , aren't we all.?
  7. kromsales

    kromsales Registered Member

    I Finally made it to the pulse on everything else. I have 147 watchers.
  8. wolvergambit

    wolvergambit Registered Member

    I'm on the Pulse under Everything Else with 183 watchers.
  9. pokermase32

    pokermase32 New Member

    Just FYI - EBAY pulse is determined by watchers and by your replies I think you all know that already.

    To make it for an individual category you need approx. 150 Watchers give or take a few.

    To make it for the Top 10 viewed on EBAY you need 250+ about.

    Hope that helps - I am 1 for 15 on EBAY Pulse and soon to be 6 for 20 :)

    Check out my listings. Thanks everyone!
  10. kromsales

    kromsales Registered Member

    We just made it to the main pulse page WOOHOO 350 watchers

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