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eBay Pulled for Keyword Spamming???????


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What in the heck did I do wrong? What is keyword spamming? What do I need to do to relist it?

Dear *inspector*gadget*,

We appreciate that you chose eBay to list the following listing(s):

5600061100 - ORIGINAL Hero **Pay It Forward** Mystery / Ad Space

However, your listing was in violation of eBay's Keyword Spamming policy and has been removed from eBay. We have credited all associated fees to your account and notified eBay users associated with the transaction that it has been cancelled.

We would like to take this opportunity to let you know what part of your listing is not permitted.

Your listing(s) contains the following information:

With this auction you are NOT bidding on a sealed box of garage sale junk. You are NOT bidding on a stack of cash that contains all one-dollar bills with a $50 on top in plain view. You are NOT bidding on a jewelry box with one gold necklace dangling out but filled with costume jewelry from Wal-Mart. You are NOT bidding on a cash box filled with voided checks and you are NOT bidding on any other half baked scheme to rob you of your hard earned cash.
What is the definition of a hero? he·ro NOUN: pl. he·roes In legend, a man, often of divine ancestry, who is endowed with great courage and strength, celebrated for his bold exploits, and favored by the gods. A person noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose, especially one who has risked or sacrificed his or her life: soldiers and nurses who were heroes in an unpopular war. HERO QUALITIES WE ADMIRE:Achievement - extraordinary results, from hard workCompassion - sympathy with a desire to alleviate suffering and remove its cause, more than empathy, like altruismCourage - taking an unpopular position, standing up for principle, persevering, forging accomplishment out of adversityDiscipline - proper conduct or action, the training effect of experienceIntegrity - sound character, honesty, virtue, honor, sincerityIntuition - direct perception of truth, keen insight, like decision-makingLeadership - causing good things to happen, being earnestResponsibility - reliable, dependable, accountableSelf-expression - individualism and originalityTeamwork - cooperative effort, common causeHERO SYNONYMS:Role modelMentor Unsung/Everyday/Hero - a decent person or organization who sacrifices or tries to make a positive difference in his or her community. More inclusive and democratic than just hero.

Please note: violation of this or other eBay policies may result in forfeit of eBay fees on cancelled listings, limits on account privileges and account suspension.Please review eBay's Listing Policies and User Agreement at the following locations:
For more information on why eBay removes listings, or to write to us with questions, please review the following Web page:
We thank you in advance for your cooperation.
eBay Trust & Safety


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OK, the ONLY thing I can see in there that might be questionable, is the phrase "pay it forward" from the movie. But Pay it forward isn't just a movie either.... so I don't get what their beef is. I would contact them (live chat thing maybe?) and ask specifically what it was.

Hmmm... also the word walmart?

To me, neither reference is really keyword spamming but OK.


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I am not sure but I do know if you put something like "not craftsman" They call that keyword spamming..... I guess you can not say what it is "not" only what it "is"........Just another silly rule! :(


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Nope... I guarantee they pulled you for saying what the bidder is NOT bidding on...


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iggyshotthebear said:
Nope... I guarantee they pulled you for saying what the bidder is NOT bidding on...
I second that!! That is EXACTLY why! Of course they didn't find it on their own, someone must have reported it. :(


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Ok.. well if someone reported me.. than maybe I have a better auction idea than I thought I did? LOL ... I relisted. Can anyone tell me if I they think this one will fly. I learned a valuable lesson out of this... COPY YOUR HTML incase eBay pulls it! I just had to redo that ad from memory and I am NOT an HTML code person!! THat is a pain in the butt!
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They will have to look it up in your ebay link under your profile. Im sorry, but no auction links in Level 2


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Good Luck Im watching again for ya,


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:::::::::: sigh :::::::::::: I know that rules are created for a reason.... so I guess that when I get a few more posts under my belt I will be worthy to speak to the elite and not just a level 2 pee-on. Gzzzzz. Status in society even in message forums. Sorry for posting a link. :: slappin my own wrists :::