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Ebay notice to change password


Registered Member
I got this in my email this morning and before I did this I tried logging in on my ebay account and it would not let me...........so I changed my password like it asked..........WHY did I get this?

In order to protect the security of your eBay account, we have reset your password and secret question. This action was taken because your password may have been compromised. Sometimes this happens when members respond to an email asking for personal information. Although those emails appear to come from eBay, they are really sent by people attempting to gain access to your account. We appreciate your cooperation in working with us to protect your account by taking the following steps.

Since your password was reset, you will need to create a new password by following the instructions provided below. Until you complete this process, you will not be able to bid on or list an item.

I'm a little concerned about this..........should i change my password again just in case?


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did you click on the link in the email, or did you just type in ebay.com and go that way?


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Very weird, I've never heard that happening before. I'd change it to something new and more difficult.

I had a web host that did that to me once, I tried to log into my account and it wouldn't let me. They had changed my password because they didn't feel it was secure enough. (I thought it was quite secure imo). Plus I don't feel it's their place to change my password IMO.


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Well yesterday I had a guy that won one of my auctions request my info, I think I am going to go in and change my password again just to make me feel safe.


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I got one of those a while back & it turned out it wasn't from ebay at all. When you're in the email, and you click on the link in the email, it comes up with a web page that looks like ebay, right? Now look up in your web address window & see who's up there. If it doesn't start with https://signin.ebay______ or something with ebay, it's NOT from them. You need to forward the email to: [email protected]. You can do this either way. They will tell you if this is from ebay or not. Like I said, I've gotten a couple of these. It's someone trying to get your email address so they can later send you another fake email pretending to be PayPal & try to get you to do the same thing so they can get your PayPal password. I believe if you go under the help section on ebay you can find more info too. I do know that they state they will never ask for personal information (such as passwords) in an email.


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I had my Pay Pal account hacked. I refuse to use it. I had eBay resolve all my issues. It took 6 months for it to all sort out and I got back on just this past April and I had to start from scratch. AND IT HAPPENED WITH A SPOOF EMAIL....

The GREAT thing about eBAY is that they now have a message centre. If you get ANY eBAY email that is sent to your inbox open a new browser log into eBay and see if that message is in your inbox. If it isn't then it is spoof.

The best advice I ever got was to read emails in PLAIN TEXT. That way you can see hidden codes or something. I don't understand about HTML all that much.

What happened to me was I got an email only addressed to my user name. THERE WAS NO LINK IN THE EMAIL AT ALL. All of a sudden my firewall was going nuts my computer froze and next thing I knew BYE BYE Pay Pal, BYE BYE eBay I couldn't log in... kept saying my password was invalid or my eBay account was suspended. I checked with eBay and PayPal about it and they had NO clue... Until 3 months later my credit card had 1400$ in charges from somewhere in Africa and one in Jamaca. I was shocked. All related to my eBay account. Did I make the charges NO. Someone changed my eBay account name and address got into PayPal and did ALOT of damage.

It's all sorted out now. But NEVER open an eBAY email EVER!!! If you have auctions going follow them closely and make sure that invoices get sent out properly and all your corressponce is with the right person.


Registered Member
Well I have heard of those so I didn't click the link the the email, instead I went to myfavorites and opened up ebay and tried to log in and it wouldn't let me, so I did have to change my password, but just to be on the safe side, I changed it again.


Registered Member
I have gotten about 10 spoof e-mails in the last couple days. I've just started forwarding them all to [email protected] or [email protected]. If it is regarding paypal you have to send it to them. If something asks for you to enter you ebay id or any other information...don't touch the e-mail, just forward it to them.


Secret Agent
Staff member
You can't even count on looking at the first part of the email anymore.

Some links are like this now:


No the word isn't "random" up there, I just don't have the fake link memorized. Look carefully. That is NOT an eBay link. The domain is cgi-random.us

This is another thing I am sick of. Pranksters and fraudsters deserve serious jail time.