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ebay must hate me


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I can't believe this ebay suspensed my acct again the new one. I am appealing it now but man i am pissed since they gave me permission to open another acct. man. I was so counting on my auction it was up there and was just up to my resv. and I really could of used the money.. My two sons birthday are coming up and it got ruined. I had plans to buy school clothes and their bday present. I was orginally gonna go to LA and other places to see my nephew in santa barbara. Well that idea went out the window.
I called ebay yeah they have a number......... someone gave me the number they have several. Anyway all they gave me was someone turn me in and won't say who. I wasn't even using my old name........ Now they also took 240 out of my acct when they should of taken 180 not that much.. they cost me to bounce some chk... now I had to borrow money.. still waiting for that to come in... but I am getting to the point i will not deal with ebay. and just went I came up with the best idea I had in a while is when i found out.
All i wanted to do is get out some bills, I just straighten out my medical medication and this crap happens.......... once but twice.
They are looking into my account and say until they are done with there invegation I will get my refund of the difference and my account reinstated..
this isn't fair. They have nothing on me. I proved my case last time and I even showed them the letter they ok me to open an account.. well ok I just hope this don't put me in deeper debt.........anyone wanna help me???? donate to the Nani fund??? lol
sorry just gotta laugh they are lucky iam not the mean type to go postal on them................urgh.....
thank for hearing me out............i let ya all know what happen ebay likes to play god too much.................Ana


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I heard that this happened to you. I'm sorry and it sucks!! Its not right for them to pick on some peeps!! I dont get people!!?? BUT their day will come!!!!

I hope you can find a way to deal with all the money issues. I know it is hard and if I had extra I would send you some, you know I would!!! Ahhh maybe the money tree will grow in my back yard and I can send all my friends some much needed moolaaahhh!!

((hugs))) girl I know you need it!


Wanna play?
Nani, I'm so sorry they did this to you again. eBay seems to be on a rampage lately. I hope it gets taken care of quickly. Like Jenn said, if I had the $ I'd send you some too!


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thanks denise and jen. I will make it somehow. but it pisses me off they did this to me....... I am still waiting to hear from ebay but still nothing. they been banning people left and right. I havent' done nothing wrong in the first place and just because i openend another acct thinking it was ok since they said so, then they change their minds............... i swear i think ebay got some serious issues at times... It would be nice if another auction site gives them a run for it...........lol that would make my day.
I almost told them i go to san jose and should you my id and me myself in person but they may of kicked me out......lol
so good thing i didnt