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ebay idiot


not a plastic bag
A guy on ebay that I know is selling stolen merchandise hotlinked an image from my website. So, I changed the image a little. lol. Check out his auction now:

eBay: Brand New Siemens Centra Active Hearing Aid/Aids (item 250139987912 end time Jul-13-07 02:00:17 PDT)

His new image is the first image on the website with the yellow background. Also the text below the image.

Just in case the auction ends, here is the image from my host:



Secret Agent
Staff member
You know, he didn't use the SIZE tags in his HTML so you could actually make that image a WHOLE lot bigger if you wanted. :)

Nice way to punk the guy though. :D


Wanna play?
Looks like they cancelled the auction, that was pretty funny while it lasted.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Way to go! I like that one :lol: Cyber punked! Too damn funny! :lol: :lol:


Well-Known Member
I remember some guy copying my ebay auction. He copied it word for word and also took my photo hosting. I contacted ebay and they took the listing off. The funny thing was that I told him that I was watching his auction, watching ebay pull the auction that is and he wrote back saying he did nothing wrong.


New Member
Ha ha ha oh thats just too funny man :lol:

Ohh.. ill show that to my mates tommorow



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Way to go! You make the rest of us proud by exposing cheating, thieving eBayers! Two thumbs up for you!!!