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Ebay Effect Special on CNBC TONIGHT


Registered Member
Tonight on CNBC there is a special on Ebay. 11:00 Eastern Time, 8:00 p.m. PST

Very interesting. I saw it, and will record it when it comes on again.


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Hmmm Interesting. Watching now


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I guess I have missed it! :(


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Just checked it was the same one they had on b4.................it is good if you haven't seen it.........nani


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Hey I watched that last night! I missed the first part the last time it was on so I was happy to of caught all of it this time.

I would LOVE to become a full time seller on ebay, but I just CAN NOT figure out how to find a place to get the stuff from at a decent price to resell and then its finding a place that I could buy bulk from but it not cost me an arm and a leg.

Anyone have suggestions?


Registered Member
Msbabedoll. I found this site on the internet.
They are a wholesale DVD site.