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eBay Christmas Shopping


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Who else buys their Christmas presents on eBay? I'll be doing some of that this year. Last year I found some good deals but waited too long to start looking, and wouldn't have got the items in time.

I'd recommend being careful this time of year though. Buy from people with decent feedback because it seems to be around the holidays when a surge of new users sign up and sell things. Many of them don't know what they are doing.



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I do quite a bit of Christmas shopping on eBay. The year before last must have been my lucky year because I did ALL of my extended families present shopping on eBay and spent a total of 54 bucks incl. shipping!

This year so far, Ive bought my brothers present... he's a huge movie buff and one of his favorite movies is Tombstone... Got him an autographed 8x10 with the cast. Certificate of Authenticity included all for the grande price of 14 bucks incl. shipping :D Trying to get him a prop badge to go with it for a decent price so I can shadow box it for him.


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Me too..There is no way you will get me near any stores this time of year..
Well mabye just one and that's a surf shop so it doesn't count..(Getting a new surf board)
I was smart this year and had lists of what family and friends wanted way before they knew what they wanted....Kept tabs all year..
Now I'm finished.......:nod: :lol: :D
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I do about 20% of my X-mas buying online. I'm actually a big fan of going shopping this time of year...even though there are a lot of rude and angry people, I find a lot more who are friendly and filled with the "Christmas spirit"


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I agree with Angel, I love going out just to enjoy all the christmas air :D

There is a small town nearby here that at christmas time in downtown they all dress up in victorian era clothing, and I like to just go down there for the feel of it, I don't even have to buy anything.


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Oooooh Bunny I bet that's fantastic!! I love going to Greenfield Village by me for the same reason, they have loads of history and they make every holiday incredible!


what? no pink?
yes it is really cool to see it. I love just being there and walking around shopping. There is such a nice feel to it and I hope that it is something that my daughter remembers well.


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I bought a few presents from people on ebay this year. Got them a lot faster then my orders through Amazon.
I haven't even been out shopping this year at all! I made sure to do it ALL online because I hate shopping! lol :)


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Only a few on ebay. I actually did the gift card thing this year. Mostly online (Macy's, & Sears) I did a Macy's e-gift card. I also bought from Amazon, & Sam's Club online.


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Been shopping for Christmas presents for years on ebay, after I determine prices, I search for newly listed by buy it now and grab them best deals..