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eBay Bans Google Checkout


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Boy, is eBay ever mean! They have reacted to the threat to PayPal from the new Google Checkout by not allowing it as a valid payment method on eBay.

I understand why they're doing this, but IMHO it's going to blow up in their faces. For one thing, most people are just going to use Checkout for the ad campaigns 'cause it's free to use for that. Otherwise, the charge is similar to PayPal's, if not a little bit more.

I know they want to protect PayPal, but if they want to be the winner in this contest, they should let the best product win. I don't think they have to worry about Google's product being the "best" at this point, but a little healthy competition for PayPal would be a good thing in the long run for it, as well as for consumers.


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As Magneto says in X-Men 2..... "The war has begun.."

I'm glad to see this start to happen. First of all, it is actually a very good sign for Google Checkout. If eBay is so afraid of them, then obviously they are a class act. Heck, eBay allows MANY other checkout systems to be integrated, including 2co (2Checkout), a popular credit card payment system.

eBay doesn't want to have to keep PayPal rates (and service in general) competitive, so instead they try to lock the competition out. Too bad there's no way they can't stop people from using Google Checkout to pay entirely. They just can't integrate the checkout with eBay. Personally, I plan to try out Google Checkout because I think it will be a worthy alternative to PayPal. I use PayPal myself, but I agree that the fees and policies should be more competitive. If anything this will help level the playing field. :)


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I would have to agree with you Andrew..The Fees are getting out of hand..
I think it's time for a change...