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Eating too Much Sugar?


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This is a good thing to think about and watch out for. There is SO much sugar in the processed foods we eat today and it's really dangerous. I think many people are addicted to sugar, I know I struggle with it and didn't take it seriously until I started having problems with my feet and ended up unable to walk for a large part of the past five years. Too much sugar can ruin your eyesight, your nerves, your feet..and kill you. A friend here was in the hospital in intensive care because his blood sugar level went over 400. Between 100 and 200 is considered normal.

My problem began long before I was really diagnosed as diabetic. I did eat a lot of sugar: doughnuts, frosting, chocolate; I was a home baker so it was readily available. Then one day about 15 years ago I noticed that an area on my left big toe was sort of numb. It seemed odd but I didn't worry too much. But it spread to the other toes, then the rest of my foot and the other foot too and my hands... I have just enough sensation in my right foot to be able to drive the car, if was worse I would have to turn over my keys. BE WARNED! THIS WAS CAUSED BY TOO MUCH SUGAR!!

I thought it was funny that I could walk through snow barefoot and not feel the cold but later I noticed a big swelling on the sole of my left foot. I was told it was a fibroma and it needed to be removed. It was along with the whole plantar facia tendon. I thought I would be over this in a month or two but the incision would not heal. The surgeon sewed it up again (with no anesthetic because I couldn't feel anything) and it still didn't heal. he advised that I go to a wound care specialist so I did and it nearly healed but then burst open again. It callused over but came open again several times. I went to ANOTHER wound care facility where we tried special casts on my foot, hyperbaric therapy, everything. I stayed off of my foot and used a knee cart but nothing did any good.

Finally the doctor there said I needed to go to an orthopedic surgeon. This surgeon was able to tell me what my problem really was. I have a condition called Charcot Foot where the middle bones of the foot collapse down to the sole (think fallen arches - its a little like that). Its caused by walking differently due to the numbness brought on by diabetes. Who knew! Anyway, last July he completely reconstructed the bones of my foot and they are held in place with titanium rods and big staples. Some of the bones had broken, that's how bad my foot was. It's taken 8 months for the bones to completely heal and I will have to wear orthopedic shoes for the rest of my life.

I'm happy and thankful that I can walk again but I want to warn people to control your sugar intake. Especially give up drinking pop (or soda). diet soda is bad for you too, except for the one sweetened with Stevia. YOU DON'T WANT TO GO THROUGH WHAT I'VE BEEN THROUGH!!!


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@Sian hate to hear you have to go through all of that. I wish you well and hope you do much better in the future.

So far I'm not having any of the symptoms mentioned in the article but between that and what Sian said I think I will cut back. Doubt if I give it all up because I love chocolate.


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Lily's chocolate is sweetened with stevia instead of sugar but tastes just as good as any other brand. It is expensive, though.


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Sian thanks for the post.. I had better get to the doctor quick because it sounds like I have some of what you said.
And just like Hilander I lso am trying to cut back but can't give it up completely.
Just like smoking and drugs chocolate can be addicting and hard to quit cold turkey..
I would hope someone in the future can come up with something to make chocolate healthier and taste good with an artificial something.


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Everything is dangerous in the wrong quantities. Drinking too much water has killed people.


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I'm not a super sugar hound or anything, i rarely have chocolate or candy etc, just never been a favourite of mine. But i drink a lot of coca cola lol. well not as much as i used to but yah. So far i haven't had any reprecussions, but I've also significantly cut back lol


A very important thing to note for those wanting to decrease their sugar intake is that it should be done very gradually, particularly for those whose daily sugar intake is especially high. A persons body becomes conditioned over time to their diet and sudden drastic changes in diet can cause the body to be thrown into a state of imbalance. Give your body time to gradually adjust to any major change in diet or lifestyle. (The exceptions being things that are unimportant to health such as nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine. You're relatively safe going cold turkey on those, and stats suggest that those that do are more likely to stay on the wagon).

Another important thing to note is that alcohol sugars (which include virtually all artificial sweeteners as well as Xyletol and Stevia) can cause blood sugar levels to become erratic after consumption, and produce toxic byproducts and are therefore actually worse than natural sugars. Using natural sweeteners with a low glycemic index (such as Coconut Palm sugar or high grade Agave) is your best option for a sugar substitute.

Alternatively one can stick with table sugar and simply use less of it. Not all sugars are created equal. Fructose, which is used in pop, is much sweeter than glucose (the sugar that other sugars are converted to in the body) and consuming fructose doesn't trigger the mechanism in the body that lets it know when you've had enough sugar. It is insidious in this way. Fructose is also notorious for causing fat to be deposited in the liver. Sucrose (table sugar) contains a molecule of each (glucose and fructose) and is in a sense half as bad as fructose. (provided you don't use twice as much of it).
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