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Eating Out of Boredom?


Oh, poppycock.
Do you do it?

I have a horrible habit of doing it. I also eat just to get the taste of it. Whenever I'm bored or home for too long, I end up snacking. Its such an unhealthy habit for me.


Oh, poppycock.
Chocies? Is that another way to say chocolate? Please forgive me for asking.


New Member
You are correct :)

Typing short because I am tired lol, had about 3 hours sleep in the past 2 days.


Boom Boom Pow!
I have to admit that I do it aswell. Not so much though. Usually when I'm trying to revise or something like that. Anything to put off work.


yellow 4!
Yeah I do that a lot. I tend to make a sandwich or something though rather than eating sweet stuff. But just whatever we've got really. Boredom aaalways tricks me into thinking I'm hungry when I'm really not! :sneaky:


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I always have to have a snack while I'm watching TV. I get bored if I'm just sitting there staring at the TV. That's pretty much the only time I ever eat out of boredom though.


While my computer would be booting I'd have tea and a snack. Then act surprised when the plate's empty.


Supreme System Lord
I hardly eat when I want to let alone when I'm bored.

Very very rarly will I eat just to burn some time, if I do it'll just be a sandwich or some crisps, never anything substantial.


Son of Liberty
Thats a big contributor to why everyone is so overweight! I actually try my butt off to avoid eating for reasons other than real hunger. I do however drink bottles of water when I get bored. Its a win win 'cause my bladder is horrible, I'll drink the whole thing and then in 15-20 minutes I'll be in the bathroom.

When I was younger I was alot more guilty of eating outta boredom. I can recall being about 10 or so when I was in that car wreck. Because I got a week off of school for it I eventually got bored with the things around the house and I can vivdly remember eating a whole loaf of White Wonder Bread and a cube of Producers Butter in one sitting. It was in toast.... lol just in case you thought I was just eating straight butter :hah: But yeah, back then I had the metabolism to do that kinda thing. If I were to do that now... oh man, Id probly gain 20 pounds!