Eating in a morning,


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When you get up in a morning, Are you able to eat straight away.

I never can, sometimes i have a slice of toast about an hour later but most times it's mid morning before i eat anything.
I can drink lots of coffee in a morning though. :lol:
I cant either...and im the same its get to about 10:30 - 11 and my stomach's chewing on itself...

And i drink a shitload of coffee...


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I have no appetite at all when I wake up, so I just wake up, get ready for the day, get busy with something and then I get this horrible hunger pang. Oh well! I love breakfast food, I just don't like eating at the breakfast hour.
Me also yes this do.

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I remember back in the day thats how I always rolled, I'd wake up and eat almost immedietly. I dont do that anymore though, now if I'm eating in the morning I have to allow myself to wake up before I start feeding my face. Also its usually nice to have a cup of coffee in my before I sit down.


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I'll eat if I have enough to time to get up and stay awake for a while before i have to leave to go do whatever I have for the day.

I'll usually eat a piece of toast with peanut butter or PB and a few slices of banana.. or I will eat a protein bar.


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I don't eat right away when i get up. I usually wait an hour or two after i get up and its usually a small breakfast, but i do have to eat something otherwise i cant make it to lunch without being super hungry.


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i usually eat a piece of toast with some bacon or something and tea.
or i eat waffles but they dont sustain me for too long though
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wow thats strange to get sick right after u wake up... i do that all the time... and i actually feel alot better... everyone has a different body system...