Eating in a morning,


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When you get up in a morning, Are you able to eat straight away.

I never can, sometimes i have a slice of toast about an hour later but most times it's mid morning before i eat anything.
I can drink lots of coffee in a morning though. :lol:


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No, if I eat straight away in the morning I feel sick. I wake up at 6:30am on a weekday and don't eat until 11am. On a weekend I won't eat until the afternoon.


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I usually can't eat in the morning. I don't know why. If I wake up later then I can eat. But when I wake up early, even after getting enough sleep, I can't.


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I rarely eat before lunch time because I feel really sick if I do. But sometimes I have to, if I'm doing an exam or something.
I don't like eating after I wake up when its early in the morning. That was always a pain when I was at school. But if I wake up close to lunch time then I will eat lunch within half an hour or waking up.


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No, I can't. And even when I'm hungry, I just usually have a milk chocolate drink. I need to be awake more hours to really eat something.


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I'd probably throw up anything I did eat as soon as I woke up. I usually eat breakfast which is usually a bologna/cheese sandwich at work around 10 AM. On weekends it could be well into the afternoon before I get something.


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I always skip breakfast and sometimes lunch too.

So I never eat in the morning, I never have any urge interest to eat anything when I get up.


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I get sick if I eat right after I get up. I have to wait an hour or two before my tummy can handle any food. I'll usually just have some coffee or some other caffeinated beverage to start the day off.