Eating Disorders.

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  1. Eating disorder is a horrible thing. There are 3 types of eating disorders. Anorexia, Bulimia, and Binge. Most of these eating disorders are because of stress, loneliness, etc. Mostly these disorders are problems to females because most of females care lot of what people think about them and how they look. People with this illness either lose lots of weight or gain. Some purge to make them thinner and some eat to make them feel better. I have experienced something very close to this. Please tell me your opinion on this and how many there are ways to solve this problem.

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    None of my friends have been like that, so I dont know how to console someone. It's not there fault it's a desease so they cannot control themselves, but I am not saying that it's not controllable. I see mostly a lot of famous people going threw it and they have to go get some help. I agree with you that it's mostly gilrs who do it, because they dont like the way they look, and they say to themselves they need to lose a couple of lbs, and they stop eatting or they just puke it out. I think this is a terrible thing. One famous person I know she had was Princess Diana.
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    If you develop an eating disorder because you're bothered by how you look, you need to get over it and get some self esteem.

    Some eating disorders develop from something as simple as seriously choking on food. There's really no way to fix that. Sometimes foods just don't seem appleaing and that causes and eating disorder and some people are just fussy about what they eat, like me!

    As for eating for comfort, it's ok in small doses but if you over do it because you feel insecure, again, you need self esteem.
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    Ya my mom had one I don't know which but she did. But most people say just eat but it ain't that easy according to people I know.
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    I knew someone with annorexia, but she is overcomming it, thankfully. It's difficult, to be sure.
  6. People with eating disorders, well females, are because of poor self image, they mostly need therapy in order to get themselves better, and to realize that there is nothing wrong with the way they look, which is the only reason they have these types of disorders. People that just binge eat, eat large meals frequently, usually because they are sad, and again they need therapy, and need to realize that eating, does not make them happy.
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    This is because television and the media try to project the proper image/shape/weight/etc. of what people should look like and how they should act.

    But in other ways I really don't feel sorry for some of these people. People who don't want to eat or throw up what they do eat? I really don't understand why people see themselves as fat. It pisses me off.

    People say there's a partial biological disorder involved... I think that's bullshit. It doesn't matter. It's all mental. They have to believe that they look ok. Because what causes this "chemical disorder" is depression and not eating. So if they can get over the mental problems it will fix the biological problems.
  8. I know the media does this, but that does not mean it is the right image, nor that these girls need to follow the image that is presented before them, obviously if they are obese they need to lose weight, or are to skinny need to gain weight. I also believe that is mental, and not chemical.
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    I had an anorexic friend, he had to make himself eat food. I think his anorexia was more than just wanting to be thin. He wasn't the kind of person to really worry about anythiong, least of which being his appearance.
  10. Most males do not get eating disorders, well anorexia at least, but a lot over eat, just not under eat, so that is a suprise.

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