Eat dogs - Save the planet


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news (dot) yahoo (dot) com/s/afp/20091220/sc_afp/lifestyleclimatewarminganimalsfood

I had to share this with someone as its just lol funny.
"new study which says the carbon pawprint of a pet dog is more than double that of a gas-guzzling sports utility vehicle."

I firmly believe ambitious environmentalism is a false religion. And not to generalize too much, but most of the environmentalist I have met seem to have a real affection for animals; which is fine, that's cool. Its just funny that those animals are 'worse for the environment' than a big ole SUV. So, instead of eating the rich with their big SUVs, I guess we should start eating dogs if we want to save the planet and such.

aswasw, did you really read and understand the article?

Polluting pets: the devastating impact of man's best friend - Yahoo! News

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You seem to be shrugging off the findings, and I'm not totally sure I understand why? I think a key point they are trying to make is about responsible pet ownership. Naturally worst-case-scenerio is what the books author is striving for, after all that's what sells. I'm just confused as to the "lol funny" part of the article?


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I like Spence. His confident declaration that I would soon quit smoking became a self-fulfilling prophecy which likely added a decade to my life. If he enjoys pretending that the sky is falling and there are dinosaurs living on Mount Everest, or if he wants to put on face paint and go charging at windmills, I say more power. Something tells me that the United States and its resident canines are safe and secure into the future, no matter who runs around in the woods or what nightmare scenarios today's Ezekiel-esque alarmists endeavor to evoke.


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So I guess when people were brainstorming ways to prevent global-warming, they drastically underestimated peoples deep love for sports utility vehicles: "nope, if you discourage the cars you gotta kill the dog. Gotta kill the dog too. Shame, that."
Spay or neuter your pet: save the planet and make Bob Barker happy?
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Hey, I thought it was funny. For the record, I have eaten many strange things, but no dog. But, I'd gladly chow down on canine rather than pay some stupid carbon tax. haha...