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Easy homemade low calories snacks


Registered Member
In an attempt to live healthier from here on, I tried to remove some of my best unhealthy snacks. Last time I made some baked broccoli tots. I boiled the broccoli for roughly a minute and chopped it dice-shaped, mixed it with cheese, egg, onion, and breadcrumbs. It might be a bit too bland for some, but I liked how I could taste the ingredients without any overpowering flavor.

If you have some simple healthy snack recipe, please do share it with me and everyone else here!


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I love having sliced carrots, celery and cucumber as a snack. I also prepare a yogurt dip with a bit of garlic and lemon. It's delicious!


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When I am craving something sweet, I make cinnimon raisin oatmeal, add chunky apple sauce, and a dollop of whipped cream. It tastes like I'm eating apple pie, but the calories are really low. It is very satisfying.


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You can slice up carrots and celery and put them in slightly salty water in the fridge. They keep a long time. Always crisp and crunchy.