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Movies Easy A


Easy A (2010)

Trailer 1:
IMDb Video: Easy A

Trailer 2:
IMDb Video: Easy A

The premise actually looks pretty interesting: a girl decides to make a name for herself by pretending to be a slut, but not actually doing anything. Knowing the type of movie this is, it's going to come back and bite her in the butt.

My big issue with it, though, is this: it claimes to be based on one of my favourite novels: The Scarlet Letter.
I'm sorry, WHAT?!
I can see how they take the idea of the A in The Scarlet Letter, but BASED on the book? It's the exact opposite! Hester Prynne was weighed down by the A, she didn't put it on herself so she would have an identity! I don't understand.


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It seems like a lot of movies come out these days that are supposed to be variations on famous films or literature, but they're always way off lol. I can't think of any examples right now, but do you know what I mean? It's not just this one!! :)


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Watched the trailer.......seems somewhat interesting but not enough to engage my curiosity to the point where I feel.......I have to see it.