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Easter Weekend..


So, how was everybody's Easter weekend? Did you celebrate it ?

I don't celebrate the Easters but we paid a visit to some of our family friends who celebrate it.
It was a good day.


Creeping On You
I forgot that it was Easter Weekend until today. Usually my family has a dinner, but I guess not this year. My mom never mentioned anything. My family has never celebrated the religious aspect of it. Just the easter eggs, and a ham dinner part of it. The last few years, we really havent done that either. More a sign of our family growing apart more than anything.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I just came back from my grandparents house. Me, my brother, grandparents and parents went to a Buffet for dinner. Then me and my brother played pool at my grandparents house afterwards. Nothing to major.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I drove over to my parents house and went to church with the immediate family. After we had "brunch" at our house with my aunt, uncle, cousins etc

That was about it. it was fun though


Haters gonna hate.
I went to an 11 AM church service, got lunch out with my parents and then came back to my house to chill and do schoolwork. Just a normal day for me.


Registered Member
We celebrate Easter but only to celebrate spring. We had Easter at our house this year with our relatives and had tons of food and had a contest coloring eggs. I baked a pineapple upside down cake and it was really good! =D and we had banana splits and played video games and played a ton of music!


New Member
We went camping, just me and my girlfriend with 7 other friends. It was really nice and very hot (which is a bit of a shocker considering we went to Wales!).

Achieving simplicity is a great talent. Just a tent, a few tinnies, friends and a campfire makes a perfect weekend.


aka ginger warlock
The weather was very nice for Britain this bank holiday weekend so yesterday was spent in the park hanging out with friends and having a few beers. I now regret not wearing sun tan lotion though because as a fair skinned person I am not suffering from the sun but a good day was had.


Registered Member
Busy for me!

From 11am-3pm saturday I played doubles tennis. Then showered, and went to a 5:30 church service with my husband, daughter, son, mom-in-law, and daughter's boyfriend. MIL had us over for dinner and we were joined by my BIL, his gf, their son, and a stepson. My neice came late for awhile.

Today, I rode my bike with my daugher while she did her "long" run. Then she worked on race starts with her dad. I ran 800M around just to see what it was like. I ran one sprint with daughter too. We (me, hubby, two kids) then wen to my sisters for fajitas. Also there were her son, his wife, their baby, her other son's wife, my mom. We got the 3 dogs together too (a rhodesian ridgeback, bulldog, shepherd mix). We played badminton, watched the Padres on tv, played some tennis, and played with the baby.

Now I'm doing a load of laundry to prepare for monday, and am bout ready to pass out from too much activities.
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