Easter Weekend Plans?


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What are your plans for Easter weekend, if any different from usual?

I'm looking forward to 5 days of relaxation, as my work is closing down from tonight and opening back up next Wednesday.

Another question, do you legally have to have the Easter days (Friday, Sunday, Monday) off work. I know where I live we get them as paid days off, but was wondering if it's the same in other countries? :headscratch:


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I going boarding, the wife and kids are going to a friends house for the day. I am so looking forward to this. I should have the back roads all to myself for some killer runs.


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I have Good Friday, Easter and Good Monday off. I dont have any plans for Good Friday, Easter I'm probably going out to dinner with the family and on Monday I am probably just going to relax. I love long weekends.


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Konshentz and I have three Easter's to go to so far. His mom's dinner at 12pm, My dad's dinner at 2pm, and My mom's dessert whenever afterwards.

It should be fun, lots of yummy food. :)


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I just learned that my mom will be flying in Saturday night so I will be spending the time with her. I will probably take her out to eat Easter Sunday. I hope that everyone has a nice Easter Sunday and if your traveling, travel safe.
Big dinner with the family, easter baskets (yes!) and just some quality time spent with the family. then we have to do some stuff on Jaszi's side of the family. Pretty busy down, but all that food makes it worth it. ha.


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We get Friday and Monday off. We're not open over weekends but if we were we'd get the weekend off too.
I'm going out tonight with the girls from work and I'll do something with my boyfriend over the weekend.
I'm not doing anything different apart from having family over on the Sunday for dinner. I'm working on Sunday too, though, and we get a few extra squid an hour as it's easter sunday.


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My dad is bribing me to come over for easter. I do not want to make the drive. I haven't decided yet how early I'm going over. I hate making the trip in 1 day, but I don't feel like staying overnight.