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Easter Eggs


Sally Twit
How many Easter Eggs did everyone get? :lick:
If you have children, how many did they get?

I got a small one from my mum. Now I'm older I don't really care about them but I know people that still get a lot of them and they're approaching 30.
One of my friends likes to get all her easter eggs, break them up and then put them in a tub. She will keep going back to the tub for the next month eating small pieces of chocolate. It makes me laugh.


yellow 4!
thanks for giving me something to do in my hours of boredom Bliss :lol:

She will keep going back to the tub for the next month eating small pieces of chocolate. It makes me laugh.
haha I've never heard of anyone doing that before.

I got a few from relatives but I wish they wouldn't, I'm trying to cut down dammit! Oh well, if they insist...


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Easter is tomorrow. I haven't planned anything but after reading this, I think I'll organise a mini egg hunt for my kids.


Registered Member
Well easter is tomorrow but so far I have gotten a lovely Galaxy Minstrels one off my boyfriend, a biiig Celebrations egg off my parents and a Cadburys Caramel egg from my grandparents. Not bad :)


Boom Boom Pow!
I have 2 Easter Eggs this year. I was originally going to only get one, but they were buy one get one free so I just had to take up the offer lol

I also bought my parents and Easter Egg each. They said they weren't going to buy any so I thought I would be nice and buy them one.


The Instigator
Well, I haven't gotten anything for Easter yet, because it's tomorrow. But I usually just get some candy from my dad. Up until I turned 18, he always got me an Easter basket with small cute things in it. My mom used to do the same, too. Any candy I get this year though, will go to my boyfriend, haha. Because I really don't need it. :p

I remember when I was younger, my dad and stepmom used to hide TONS of candy around the house, and when us kids got up we had to find it all. It took about an hour or so. They also hid our Easter baskets in the house, so those were fun to find, too! :)


Creeping On You
I'm 22 years old. I don't get easter eggs, and nor do I have interest in getting any =P If I want chocolate, I can just go buy some. When I was a kid though, we used to go on easter egg hunts. My mom designed it to try and incorporate us working together. 5 kids, and so each spot had 5 little chocolate eggs in it. She did this with the hope that if one of us found the cache, we'd tell the siblings and we'd each get one. Nope, we'd just grab the whole bunch and throw it in our basket. So after the hunt, my mom would just get out the package and top off the lower amount baskets just to make it fair. (and to stop my little brothers from crying about finding none, since me and my older brother already knew all the good spots that mom would hide them in. =P)


Supreme System Lord
I didn't get any this year, by request.

I'm trying to get into top shape and feasting on Easter eggs wouldn't be a great idea. It's a shame as this is my first year without them and I keep seeing everyone else scoffing their faces.