East Vs. West (Enforcer Update)


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Alright boys, the free agent season is finally panning out, and we have plenty of enforcers finding new homes. I'm gonna leave the links in this one to the Enforcers home pages at HockeyFights.com if you're curious about it.

Of course last year we go to witness a nice surge in fights, and I'm not sure if we ever decided on who was the tougher conference, because there were big boys on each side of North America. But if we were to take a look at numbers; 732 fighting majors were handed out to Western Conference Teams, and 584 fighting majors were handed out to Eastern Conference Teams. (Stats courtesy of HF.com) Also when you looked at the leader board in terms of FMs by team, 8 of the top 10 teams in FMs were from the Western Conference with the Boston Bruins (52) and the Philadelphia Flyers (63) being the only teams to hold it down for the East. Win West.

Well there is a look at quantity as far as FMs go, let's take a brief look at quality now. According to this site's top ten, the list is split with 5 WC and EC guys a piece, but to look at the top 5, the first 3 guys are EC guys in Georges Laraque, Donald Brashear and Colton Orr. Slight Edge East.

But either way, overall, the West fought with more consistency than the East, and they also had some giants out there, but anyway, that is last season's news. There have been a couple of big bad enforcers changing jerseys this year, not only jerseys, but different sides of the continents.

Either way, there have been many jersey changes amongst the league's fighters, so I will do my best to narrow it down to the top ten HWs in each conference to see what type of matchup we have going here:

Eastern Conference

Georges Laraque- Montreal Canadiens
Donald Brashear- Washington Capitals
Colton Orr- New York Rangers
Eric Godard- Pittsburgh Penguins
Wade Belak- Florida Panthers
Riley Cote- Philadelphia Flyers
Shawn Thornton- Boston Bruins
Andrew Peters- Buffalo Sabres
John Erskine- Washington Capitals
Eric Boulton- Atlanta Thrashers

Western Conference

Derek Boogaard- Minnesota Wild
D.J. King- St. Louis Blues
Brian McGrattan- Phoenix Coyotes
George Parros- Anaheim Ducks
Raitis Ivanans- Los Angeles Kings
Scott Parker- Colorado Avalanche
Darcy Hordichuk- Vancouver Canucks
Andre Roy- Calgary Flames
Jody Shelley- San Jose Sharks
Jared Boll- Columbus Blue Jackets

*NOTE: While computing this list, The HF top ten list was used, including HMs, so yes that is why Jared Boll cracked the West's top ten, and that is why guys who performed primarily in the AHL such as David Koci and Josh Gratton are not included in the list.

So there you basically have it for the HW division in each conference. Battle Royale going on, and each conference's top ten HWs need to lineup, who is taking the crown?

Also let's not forget the MW division, there were also plenty of exchanges of MW fighterss around the league, and also plenty of hard-hitting players changing jerseys as well. But what this thread all comes down to, who will be the tougher conference in this upcoming season. I know it is early, so this is all speculation, but on paper, which is the tougher conference, and when games are being played on the national scale, which game will you tune into for rough hockey; the West or the East? Also, with the new schedules, we are due to see more inter-conference battles, so our theories in this thread can actually play out, so who will physically dominate these cross-continental battles?

I want to thank BStreetBullies and a collective effort from Hockeyfights.com for the info here, he did a great job putting alot of it together and making life easier for me over here (gotta give credit where credit is due!)

On a side note I wanted to make my 2000th post here worthwhile and definitely a good one here in the hockey section. I've been saving this info just for this post. Hope you guys enjoy!
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The West takes this one. Just the fact that they have almost 200 more fighting majors than the East makes you think that their players are bigger and tougher then the East. It's no wonder that even Montreal, who finished 1st in the East, was only able to beat 3 out of 10 western teams. The west has traditionally been a tougher confrence. Why do you think the Eastern teams are always in need of an enforcer? Why do you think Brash, Laraque & Orr finished top 3. Besides the fact that they are in rival teams, the East comprises of teams with a superstar and no protection. Crosby, Ovechkin and Jagr all need someone to protect them. Then again if you go out west and try starting a fight with the leading scorer of the Western confrence he won't need someone to protect you, he'll bash you himself; Jarome Iginla. 2 years ago Thornton won the Art Ross and the Hart. If anyone thought hurting him was the only way to have him miss the net he'd bash your head in himself, he wouldn't need Laraque, Orr or Brashear to protect him. the West is definetley tougher than the East.