EA's NCAA Football 09


Son of Liberty
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I picked this one up last night and put just over an hour on it before I went to bed. This game is one I usually get every year, I'm not a fan of the madden football series so instead I've always enjoyed snagging this one up.

Much like every year not a whole lot has changed dramatically. Graphics are still around the same, noticeably cleaner but just about the same quality I've come to expect from this American football installment. I have noticed this new addition to the Dynasty mode, now you can do it online with other people! Although I am not fully aware how exactly that works you can bet eventually I'll give it a try since the offline dynasties can be converted to online ones at any point.

I'll put some more time into this one and come back in a while with a more thorough report. Until then has anyone else managed to pick this one up? What are your opinions on it?


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I moved this to General Gaming since it's multi-platform.

I used to love the NCAA series, but the last one I got was NCAA '05. It was so bad that it's one of the major reasons why I've been boycotting EA ever since. Instead of fixing what matters (the gameplay), they just add in features that nobody cares about, update the roster, and release the game with a new year on it. Most of the gimmicky features are completely overdone, like the home field advantage thing.