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Earthquakes-Volcanic Activity-Hurricanes-Tsunami-and now Cyclones


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Looks like australia is going to get hit with a stonger cyclone than the one that devistated a towm on Dec 25, 1974

I hope nobodys stupid enough to go outside durring this, but you know its going to happen


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Mother nature is just getting warmed up....She is pissed at us for all the distruction and genral mayhem we have done to her... :eek:hno: I know I know I,sound like tree hugger, but it's true.You can only take and distroy so much before you have to pay......And now mother nature wants pay back ...
We need to work on repairing our home ,not trying to Blow it up or distroy it....
I can go on... :warp: :lol: :warp:


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"Why are we getting all these natural disasters all of a sudden?"

Republican/Evangelical answer: "Because God's mad at the gays"

Democrat/Normalpeople answer: "Because God's mad at the Republicans/Evangelicals"


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Dude you think the weather is bad now,just wait until the end of the month...
Nasa is set to launch 3 new sattelites and so is thu U.S.S.R and don't forget the navil test with the brits.(nuclear missiles)Plus all of all the enviromentatl problems.So in short the weather is our fault..Mother natures just getting started trying to clean up our mess..And there is still more she can do(The Day After Tomarrow)..... :eek:hno: :eek:oh: :eek:hno: