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Super Nintendo Earthbound


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Anyone played this game? It was pretty cool.. I liked the layout of the whole game, how it was a big city and you kind of had a life going on.. a good break from the fantasy dungeon type RPGs.


l 7SIN Sasori l
It's not just that...*get's prepared to break into a gaming rant*

This game set the STANDARDS for which the RPG genre has evolved. Also how different ideas can be used. Old school Swords and Shields were replaced with Yo-yo's, bat's, and baseball caps.

A destined burly hero pulling swords from stones here? I don't think so. A destined young boy named Ness checking out a freak meteorite and having a bee tell him he has been chosen...now that's more like it.

This game is just pure genious, and the installments for the GBA, I am surprised, haven't made it state side and I doubt they ever will.

Although while being generally RPG made with a battle system of turn based...it still had some uniqueness to it. While being in a 1st person POV while battling. Which is by far the least of my worries.

It takes you from a Hometown of Onett(One) to Twoside(Two), even into the zombie encrusted doors of Threed(Three). Not just cities only, but you go through scorching deserts(which give you annoying sunstroke), to Snow-filled countries infested with Goats, ducks, and wouldn't you know it? Nessie herself. And don't forget the bubble monkeys.

Four kids, chosen as the kids of light, Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo. Lead the way to stop a monster in the future named Giygas, from tearing down their world.

*end rant*

I could have went into even more detail. But, I'd rather people be interested in this and ask questions if they want =P

Also, Super Smash Bros., Melee?, Brawl? Ness stars in all of these and this is where he originates...enjoi.


Likes snow
Also, Super Smash Bros., Melee?, Brawl? Ness stars in all of these and this is where he originates...enjoi.
Earthbound is good stuff. But from the looks of it, Ness isn't in Brawl. Lucas is though (He's from Mother 3, the sequel to earthbound).


l 7SIN Sasori l
Ah, they DID replace him with Lucas then? >_> Dammit, but what does that MEAN for us in the U.S.A? I want the original Mother and Mother 3 to hit our shores =(


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I remember playing Earthbound many years ago. Unfortunately, I wasn't quite able to grasp the whole RPG concept at the time. I wish I could find this game now and play it but it's one of the hardest games to get ahold of.


I love the crap out of Earthbound.
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