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Nintendo Earthbound (Mother 1-3)


l 7SIN Sasori l
I pulled this from the old forum, because I thought it was a good bit of information for anyone that wanted to know about this wonderful game. Enjoy!!

Those of you who play Super Smash Bros, and Melee, and choose a character by the name of Ness, have you ever wondered where he comes from. Well, if you ever had to ask yourself that, well then, your deprived. He comes froma game called Earthbound here in the states(Mother in japan).

Shigesato Itoi, famed creator of this fine series, has released information about a Dual Game Pack coming to the Game Boy Advanced System. Seeing as how the states was never subject to Mother 1(Earthbound Zero), and only had the treat of being able to play Mother 2(Earthbound), this has become quite a talked about subject.

Even so, I am getting ahead of myself. We don't even know if they plan a release in the states, but fans to the series await eagerly as to such fine news. Japan release date has been set, once I find out I shall post such information.

Mother 3, a sequel to the whole series is being put into motion as we speak. After a failed attempt to bring Mother to the N64, we wonder how this one will go. This too, will be released onto the GBA system and will retain it's graphics of it's predecessers. Which, In my humble opinion, is a great idea.

The series is so unique and great that it hardly needs changing. I am glad Mr. Itoi has stuck with the SNES graphical system. It will make the game so much better.

More news, pics, and information will be posted as I seem to find it. Stay tuned ^_^

- Shigesato Itoi announced that the official release date of Mother 3 for the Game Boy Advanced will be April 20th, 2006. Not too far away. Meaning, if they translate soon, the U.S. release date won't be too far off.

This is the main Mother 3 Site that Shigesato Updates as he see's fit. http://www.1101.com/MOTHER3/index.html

The site is in Japanese and alot of computers won't be able to handle the letters. So it might look like a bunch of question marks. If you click the Presents, each one contains a little bit more info on the game and pictures to boot. As well as a downlaodable song for the Intro of Mother 3. Enjoy!


l 7SIN Sasori l

What does that mean?

Anyway, I agree and I can't wait until they release it on GBA.


The Super Pimp of GF
From the SNes version when you would select your name etc after you would click ok it would Say "ok Scott" Or at least thats what it sounded like lol


l 7SIN Sasori l
Oh yeah, but I think it says "Bun Dei Ska" as a badly translated version from my own hearing of it. I think it says something Japanese. I am not too sure though, but I know what you are talking about now.



l 7SIN Sasori l
Just re-posting this to see if anyone has heard anything new on this or is even still interested. If not, I will let it die again.