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Discussion in 'Wrestling' started by Anthony1975, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. Anthony1975

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    Credit: PWInsider.com

    That is actually pretty fucking good news for TNA. So not quite the huge victory that WWE would have anticipated.

  2. Babe_Ruth

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    Here in Canada Raw starts at 9:15 so I was able to watch the debut of Hogan and the Bret Hart/Shawn Michaels segments.

    This is good news for TNA, but if they got this many viewers Raw probably got 5.0 in my opinion.
  3. wooly

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    WOW. That's great news.

    I'm sure high TNA ratings won't impact on WWE's ratings though, and vice-versa. There was probably a lot of channel changing going on that inflated both show's numbers. Even still, i'm sure just getting a high rating was the aim for TNA tonight, not making a dent in RAW's rating. Hopefully enough people were impressed with the show to keep watching, and i'm sure if Jeff can stick around for a while that'll bring the ratings up even more.

    I haven't been able to see the whole of Monday's Impact yet unfortunately, but what i have seen is pretty entertaining. And most of it is from the first hour of the show, which was meant to have been the worst! Hopefully the rest will be uploaded soon enough...

    Edit: I'm also surprised they got such a high rating considering their repeating the live Impact this Thursday. It'll be interesting to see how many people tune into that. If that's a healthy figure too then that's a really good sign. Shows that a lot of people into TNA might have missed it on the Monday, showing there's more of an audience out there. Or that it was so good people came back for seconds! :p
    Ratings are in!

    That's pretty awesome, the fact that the segment going head to head with Hart's return came so close to a 2.0 is really impressive. Shame the rating kind of dwindled towards the end, as Angle vs AJ Styles was meant to be a fantastic match (haven't been able to see it yet). Still to have a 1.2 as the lowest part of the show is still very very good.
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  4. Babe_Ruth

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  5. Konshentz

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    Nice, WWE won. I really have no interest in TNA, I've seen it a few times and thought it was pretty blah.
  6. Anthony1975

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  7. Babe_Ruth

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    They did, but a lot of the fans that watched TNA were probably watching WWE as well at the same time like I was. For the most part I watched WWE, but during commercials I flipped on TNA.

    But it is good to see TNA get good ratings, maybe this will help make WWE better for the viewers.
  8. Millz

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    TNA officials seem happy so if they are then thats all that matters. Hogan was making it sound like he thought they'd get 2.0...that was unrealistic.
  9. Anthony1975

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    Well in the past couple of months they were only just getting 1.0s and 1.1s so it was a quite significant increase.
  10. Babe_Ruth

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    It is a big increase which is good for the company. But next Monday will be the true test, we'll see if they'll be able to go above it, or maintain it. If they go below it, then we'll see that they didn't really like the product that TNA had to offer.

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