Each nfl club falls into one of three categories


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I don't think we (Philly) will make it near the superbowl but I do think the Redskins might get closer than we will. Dallas to the SB? Nope


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The Redskins finally got a good Quarterback in McNabb, but they don't have any primetime Wide Receivers, their Offensive Line is weak and their Running Back core isn't all that great.

I'm assuming that you say Dallas doesn't have a chance because you hate them with a passion? The Cowboys have a real big chance in making it to the Super Bowl.


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Or the fact they have a QB that can't get it done when it counts.
It's a team game and the Cowboys have a great team. I know Romo as choked in recent playoff games, but the Cowboys have a good enough to make it to the Super Bowl in my opinion, and I'm not just being a Homer here. They're pretty stacked at almost every key positions.
I will believe in them when their leader proves me wrong and at least makes the SB. Who knows, this year could be his year. And I agree, they are stacked. We'll have to see how things go. I know one thing, Cowboys will win more games than the Titans. Haha.


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I agree with the entire article and the lists. It was very well thought out and his analysis of the teams is on par with how I feel about every single one.


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I think it's beyond easy to vaguely categorize the NFL based on 3 wide-reaching categories. Since when have we had a season where this same idea can't be applied?
Why the hell is New England in the "reloading" category? They were just fine for the most part last year and were for the last several years.