E3 has arrived...


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... and no ones posting? WTH people.

No impressions on what you thought of the press conferences...

No thoughts on Sonys 'shot to there own foot' that I posted myself in the sony section?! (cept for buckeye)

No thoughts on Nintendos wild ideas and whacky games (pun intended)

Where are the real gamers who actually get hyped up over E3, and what is shown and not shown...

sure today was only press events... but some of what has been shown, not shown, is certainly up for talk. Doesnt anybody here care about games anymore???

What are your thoughts on E3 so far? Ill wait for a few responces before posting mine!~!


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i'm looking forward to a lot of the upcoming games for the Xbox 360 [ i bought one not too long ago ].

the Revolution [ i.e. the Wii ] looks very promising and really fun. i think i'm going to jump on it as soon as possible. looking forward to the gun games such as Red Steel.

as for the PS3, i've mostly been hearing bashing towards it. the only games that look good so far are Assassin's Creed [ which is also coming to the 360 ] and Kill Zone 2. i doubt i'll get a PS3 anytime soon, but i probably will eventually.


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I'm probably going to reserve a Wii and get it on releaase. I'm going to get a PS3 later in it's life.

Games I want: Red Steel, LoZ:TP, CoD 3, and a few others.


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Spinlock said:
I'm waiting for the release of Halo 3, m'self...
who isn't? it's implied.

word on the street is that multiplayer is suppose to be much better compared to part 2. and campaign mode is suppose to be awesomely awesome because it's ending the trilogy and they're trying to make it as *great* as possible.


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Longer than the last one would be nice. Although, the first time I ran through the Covenant city, it took me quite a while.

I think the main problem was that the Covenant weren't as smart and the Flood weren't as tough. The shotgun sucked butt, which didn't matter as much since the Brutes were the tough ones, but they were slow enough you could get close enough to use the thing.

All in all, I enjoyed Halo 2, but I think I'll have to play it through on the highest level before I have trouble. I actually meleed my way through the majority of the campaign the third time I played it through.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Legendary is pretty tough. I still haven't undertaken that part of the game.

Anyway, Game Informer gave Wii the best in show this year.


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Hell yeah, I care about E3! I sure am glad Sony ditched the boomerang, too.
Games i'm looking forward too? On PS3, Heavenly Sword, Warhawk, and Unreal Tournament 2007!!! Could it be a halo killer? :-o Maybe... anyway, i'm not gonna be getting a 360 or Wii, but i'll definitely be playing other people's. For the Wii, Super Mario Galaxy and Red Steel look pretty sweet. The graphics aren't all that spectacular, though. On the 360, Gears of War and Halo 3 CANNOT go without mention, omg that halo 3 trailer was insane! It was only like 45 seconds long, but that's a testament to how impressive the game looks, 45 sec is all you need to go crazy for the game! PRoject Offset, while not an E3 game, is gonna be awesome on the PS3. It's a first-person fantasy, like ES: Oblivion, but with epic multiplayer WARS!!! cant wait.:)