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E3 Canceled?


For a Free Scotland
Well it helps remind us that video gaming is at its core just a business. If they aren't gaining profit through being at the show then there is no reason they should continue.


that is a fuckin let down. e3 was great. will never be anything like it again :(

they could have at least let halo 3 be revealed in e3 before shutting it down


Likes snow
Boo. E3 was like the Mecca of gaming. It will be sorely missed.


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Nuuuuu ;_; How am I suppose to see Adam and Morgan make fun of stuff at E3 again?! Gamers all over the world will really be disappointed now. But if u can't really keep it up without efficent money then well....I can kinda understand y they canceled it -_-;


Like that site said, this will allow smaller shows to shine. Since alot of them are more accessable to the public, the info presented may be more relevent for consumers.

Also, now the Penny Arcade Expo will be even bigger. Hopefully it wont get too big for Jerry and Mike to handle.


I went to E3 this year (Press =D ) it was probably the most awesome convention I had ever seen. I'm really dissapointed that it will no longer be, and when its replacement arrives I doubt it will be the same =/