Xbox Brand E3 07: Analysts expect 360 price drop

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Fresh, Jul 9, 2007.

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    If this happens, Sony better come up with at least five system-sellers in a year's time or they've failed this generation. They may have a better system in terms of technical specs, but they've got no game (pardon my pun).

    With Halo 3 on the horizon, it looks as though Sony needs not one Hail Mary pass, but a handful to get back in the running on the console market.
  3. Swiftstrike

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    Bout time they dropped the price. But they better put out some great games soon.

    Otherwise the 360 will burn it in the dust.

    As Merc said with Halo 3, and games like Mass Effect and Gears of Wars 2 (expected 2008). Also GTA 4 coming out...

    Not to mention Biowares side project (rumor mill is that a subdivision is working on KoToR 3)
  4. Vincent_Valentine

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    That wouldn't suprise me. KotOR II was amost three years ago. I also remember reading somewhere that the KotOR series was susposed to be six games long. Not sure if thats true, but a new game would seem like a solid plan as long as they can fix the bugginess of II.
  5. Swiftstrike

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    man it was buggy I had to replay almost 1/3 of the game over again because a trigger didnt happen after I killed some jedi and it wouldnt take me to the next scene. I couldnt advance any further in the game...

    OMG i was pissed. I had to go to a really old save b/c I just had an autosave and I was saving over another file over and over.

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