E-Fight Club: Who can YOU dominate?

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Did you ever imagine ME creating such a risk~ay topic where you get to boast about who's ass you can beat without any proof at all! Yeah, well, this topic is all in good fun, and... I just wanted to see how big the ego is around here.

Simply put, vote for who you THINK you can beat up. Don't over analyze each choice by weighting their skills, experience and all that jazz, just vote based on stereotypical reasons. We so hardly get to do it in this lifetime. But, yeah, vote based on appearance rather than skills, 'cuz a lot of these choices are actors, random folk and real fighters. Based on looks only, who do you think you can dominate?

Now, before you vote, I put the people in order from weakest to strongest by appearance (muscle and size). If you think you can defeat #5 with your skills then that also means you can defeat #1-4, too. Get it? Hope so!

Go ahead and brag on da interweb about how dominate and strong you are! Rawr. =P

(All in good fun)

Guy #1:

Guy #2:

Guy #3:

Guy #4:

Guy #5:

Guy #6:

Ok, there you have it, the 6 guys you have to choose from. Make your selection wisely. ;)

Kk, let's see... For me, I'm going with number three. Number three looks like an equal challenge for me, and I think I can take um. Number 4 looks fast, and based on appearance he can easily kick my butt. Err... yeah, number 3 for little ol' viLky.
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Well out of principle number 3 would dominate me, as I wouldn't ever hit a woman :D.

However, I think I could take on number 4. 5 looks a little too big for me to tangle with, and if I chose 6 then I'd be taken out of the arena as little packets of mince. No, number 4 for me!
Well out of principle number 3 would dominate me, as I wouldn't ever hit a woman :D.
That's the thing with me, if a woman ever hit me and I KNOW I couldn't restrain her then I have no problem hitting her back. If you wanna take on a man, you can go down like a man.

Like somebody said on this forum before: you live by the sword, you die by the sword. Those are some good words.
I could totally take Guy #1 by inviting him to browse Wikipedia with me or read books together or something... them bam! Surprise attack.

The others? Not so much.


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Guy 3 is not a guy. I'll take Guy 4. He's the sexiest looking among all and I'm sure I could enjoying dominating him. :naughty:
I could snag down #4 he's got that "I have no clue how to do anything and am obviously drunk 24/7" look on his face.

#5 would so go down too though. See that little casette tape belt. I'd use it to whip him. Don't even ask how'd I'd get it off, I'm just that good with belts.


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I could take number 5 and all before him.
I would fight number six but would not want to embarase him by passing out/throwing up before he got near me!.


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Guy #3.

Because that looks like someone I would never EVER get tired of smacking their face in.

Seriously, I'm getting images of her complaining about the male-devil harming her fellow "womyn", admitting to wanting to abort their teenage sons for looking at porn, other feminist bollocks and more rage-worthy shit.

Guy #1? He looks like one of those martial arts masters, they look weak and feeble, when suddenly, BAM, palm strike to the chest and a foot halfway up your ass!

#4? More likely to be someone I'd have a few beers with.

#2 I can't say much about.

#5 would probably shank me.

#6 is probably a fat midget.


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I know who four and five are ( at least I think I do) one load mouth rockstar who could be taken down a peg or two and one TV star getting into the big screen so I have no problem throwing them a beating.