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Does anyone here E-Fed?

If you don't know what it is basically you adopt the persona of a fake wrestler that you have created and depending on the type of E-Fed you are in you either write promos to bash your opponent and push storylines or you actually write out what is happening in the ring between you and your opponent.

It's really fun if you like wrestling and creative writing.

If you need a better explanation I can give a better one, I'm just being lazy right now.


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I use to do this all the time. I use to always have a character similar to that of the Undertaker and Kane. I haven't done one in years but it's something I use to really be into.


Haters gonna hate.
Wow. As a wrestling fan, I am surprised I have never done this, let alone heard of it.

It sounds unique and exciting, and we did something here about it, I would be game.


I was in one that was running for about 15 years that just recently closed, so sad face. But I know of a few that have opened up recently.

E-Fedding is great fun though. I was getting very cynical about wrestling around 6 years ago when I stumbled onto an E-Fed called BWA (The one that just closed) and it was great fun and it reignited my love for it.

I don't wanna seem like I'm advertising so I won't link to the fed that just recently opened up, but if you want I can private message people.

I think of a lot of the GF Community would like E-Fedding since they're in love with wrestling and all seem to be competent writers.
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