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E- Books


Registered Member
As we ll know that in the past and maybe a little this day that most reading materials are gotten from the library or book stores. Now of course the internet is coming into play.

First have you ever read an e-book? Did it seem better to you than something you have to get? Do you believe libraries and book stores are going to g out of existance in the future?


Registered Member
I MUCH prefer paper books to ebooks. That said, I bought a Sony tablet a few years ago, and have read dozens of ebooks. I bought a waterproof tablet, so I began enjoying books in places where I normally wouldn't, which is nice.

I still prefer real books.


Registered Member
I prefer real, paper books too. Too much internet makes my eyes weird and keeps me awake at night. Will say goodnight for today !


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Prefer real books myself. I have a decent sized library committed to baseball books right now (35 and counting) and it will keep growing with paper books.


I prefer real books. There's just something about the smell of them. Haha. But I also own two Kindles and sometimes those are the smart way to go.


Registered Member
I agree with all of you I like real books. It's just a more personal feeling with a snakck and a drink. Right now we're paying off bills. But soon I want to buy books continously. I don't want the day to come that they don't make books anymore. I can't do it this month but hopefully next month.
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