rainbow 11!
So today during lunch me and four other friends, lizzie, jessica, jordyn, and charity, decide to go out to lunc. So we go to mcdnalds and get our food, then we park and start to eat. We ended up parking next to a black car with two oldish women in the car. I, not knowing that the window was open, say that they look so cute and dykish. So the entire 20 minutes we spend eating Jessica and myself crack dyke jokes, saying that burnt food goes to the planet lesbians are from because lesbians don't know how to cook, they only know how to eat. lol Well, the two women keep glancing at us as we are all laughin and joking. Finally Jessica makes eye contact with one and says hi. The women informs us that she is gay and knows how to cook. Jessica gets excited and tells her that I am gay, so she asks me if I cook. I tell her I can cook absolutely nothing and thats why we were at McDonalds. lmfao 1-i fucking called it. 2-i called them dykes and they heard it, i was soooo embarrassed, but it was soooooooooo funny! I am sure none of you will care, though. Except Jeanie, she loves calling me a dyke lol


Supreme System Lord
Yeah that is quite funny, although that could have got you into a spot of trouble, best to keep quieter in the future you little dyke!!