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Dying At 50


Registered Member
I have been bothered by a number of things for the past couple of weeks, and things seem to escalate.
One concern on my mind-I lost 3 friends all within one week of each other, and all were only age 50.
First there was my daughter-in-laws Aunt, but she had been battling leukemia for a bit, and the bone marrow didn't take, and she was so beautiful. She passed away 10 days ago. She was just 50.
Then a guy friend I know, seemed to be happy with life. He didn't have any children, but he had a live-in girlfriend. One day while at work, last Friday, he was on lunch break and he keeled over, died from a heart attack. Another 50 year old.
Then at our local Wal-Mart, there is a lady I have known for years, one of the sweetest workers there. She had worked at that store for 22 years. She had a husband and 2 daughters, the girls were grown. She was always such a pleasant sight when I walked in to the store, she was so happy and energetic, seemed to make my day go better.
This past Monday she went home and told her husband she wasn't feeling well and she wanted to lie down for a bit. He went to check on her some time later, he found her dead, she died from a heart attack. She was only 50.
Now when people ask me my age, I'm never afraid to admit how old I am, I am always truthful, and I say "I'm 49". But when I say it, I think I sound old. But when I read an obit in the newspaper, and it lists the deceased person's age as 50, my first reaction is "Omg, so young!"
Messed up huh?
I'm just feeling sort of...well..crappy I guess. That's 3 people I knew, who were all age 50, and they all died within a few days of one another.............
Anyhoooo...I drift off now.........cause I don't know what else to say :sigh:


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I'm in my early 20s, and even I feel like that sometimes! Fact is, we don't know when it could happen, and that's scary. I could die in ten minutes, or live to be 100, who knows? I'm simply trying to do everything I can to keep myself healthy, though we have to admit that we don't even know how to look after ourselves. One week, it's good to eat a certain vegetable, the next it's determined to be a cancer risk.

Like you, I worry, but the fact is that none of us know what we're doing to our bodies, and all we can do is to try our best.


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Yeah....scary stuff. When I hit my mid 40s I felt it strongly too because I was finally on the downhill to 90 and it was a milestone for me. The best thing to combat the fear for me at now-50 was to exercise regularly. Needless to say, even those types die unexpectedly. But death has always scared the shit out of me since forever. I just keep asking God that when/if it's my time, that my last living thought is "i'm ready".