Dwyer: 'Blow It Up, Rod'

Discussion in 'NBA' started by Kidd, Jan 30, 2007.

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    I think the first trade is decent but but the second trade is a buck. They really need to think this over is cap space really worth the loss of talent?
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    Another person that has no idea what they're talking about the Nets would tottaly lose these trades if they did happen. Grant Hill is not the same player has he was six years ago, and he can't give you more then Kidd gives you, and in Milicic you get a good young prospect, but your taking a big chance on him.

    The trade of Carter is plain stupid, you already a person that gives you fouls on the floor in Collins and Kirelenko is injury prone, and I don't think he can give you more then 60 games a year.
  4. StroShow

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    Those two trade proposals are just ridiculous. Andrie Kirilenko is a great player, but he's not even close to be a Vince Carter, plus he's way to injury proned to fufill is full potential. Rafael Arrujo is just a bomb that the Jazz want to desperatly get rid of.

    The second trade makes a little more sence, but it's still ridiculous. Grant Hill is not the player he once was. And there's rumours that he might even retire at the end of the season. PLus taking Darko is a big gamble, he's shown sign that he can play in this league, but can he ever become the player everyone though he'd be? I highly doubt it.
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    Their not making a trade for him, because he is a better player. They want to save money, and his contract ends sooner than Kidd's.

    I think that's the purpose for getting him. Doubt it will happen though.

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