Dwyane Wade



what do you guys think C+C plase might change the text later

Yeah, text could be changed like you're saying... besides text, I like the color scheme, and it looks pretty nice. His face though... he looks so... repulsed!


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It's good, only if it was bigger and for the text, i like it and I don't think you should change it.

Well Done


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Love the sig man. I knew you could redeamed yourself from that Gilbert Arenas sig. Love the picture you took because it seems that every Dwyane Wade sig I see have the same picture all the time. Love the the background and the lighting you used. Awesome job 8.5 out of 10. Once again great job.


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shariq said:
One of the ones that I actually like!*glomps it* Very nicely done Shariq, I like it alot^^; It looks like one of those "Who do u think ur talking to?" Expressions and the bg compliments that too. I just don't like how u have that 3 in the corner, kinda makes it look off balance to me somehow.