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Sultan of Swat
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Alright, I was wondering what were your thoughts on Dwayne"The Rock"Johnson as an actor?

Can you take him seriously, or you still see him as a wrestler when you see him in a movie?

Personally I think he's very entertaining, my two favorite moves from him with the Gridiron Gang and Rundown. Doom was pretty awful, but other then that most of his movies were pretty good.



Son of Liberty
I can definitely take him seriously. And to be honest I find that he's a great actor. I mean in the long wrong isnt that what the WWE is anyway? Just acting?

I've been at the least bit just happy with all of his movies that I've seen, "Be Cool", "The Rundown", "The Scorpion King", "Gridiron Gang", heck I even found him funny in the Reno 911 movie.

Basically, his movie resume thus far holds nothing that deters me from seeing another Rock flick. If I had the option of seeing two movies, one with Dwayne Johnson and the other with a more popular actor say someone like Samuel L. Jackson....

lets just say "I'm smellin what the Rock is cookin"

But! I just wanted to add.... that the WWE doesnt always render great acting talent.... case in point: The Marine :hah:
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Sally Twit
I don't believe I've seen any films he was in. I have always avoided him because I thought he would be a terrible actor. To me, he'd always be a wrestler so it puts me off.
Am I missing out?


It's not me, it's you.
Yes you are missing out on him Bliss. He's actually quite good. Gridiron Gang would have to be the best role to date. That other Disney movie he was in as the football player who had a daughter was really good too.


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Johnson just oozes charisma...all three of his host appearances on SNL have been awesome.

I'm happy for him because he now has an identity outside of wrestling and can be himself instead of the Rock.


Son of Liberty
Yeah you're definitely missing out. The Rock is a great great actor, highly under rated probably because of his wrastlin' career.

The best part is he's even an all around actor, he doesnt have to have just the meathead action. He played a Gay guy who wanted to be a broadway actor (essentially a beefed up Chaos) in the movie "Be Cool". But then obviously he nails the Action roles to. Its just real nice to see he has enough range to work it all.


Sultan of Swat
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I agree, at first he wanted to go in the movie business to become the next Arnold. Arnold actually gave him the torch in The Rundown(which was pretty cool to see) but he has developed into a great overall actor, he accepts all sorts of roles which as helped him become more versatile. Also he's just begun the movie business, so the sky is the limit for him.

I as well am very happy for him.


Ms. Malone
I love him in Scorpian King, it's one of my fave films! I also enjoyed Welcome To The Jungle, he's a great actor.


A Darker Knight
I could take him seriously if he didn't do so many kids' movies. First it was that football movie and now it's a disney alien movie (Witch mountain, I believe). He's a decent actor. I liked his part in Get Smart.
As some other people have said, he is very charismatic which really helps him sell himself. I think the Rundown was a fantastic movie and he was great in it. His other movies haven't been quite as good in my mind, but I think that partially has to do with the projects. I will also say that his SNL hosting gigs have been pretty good. He hosted this past weekend I think it was and he had some legitimately funny sketches, which is a rarity now a days in my mind. He has some pretty damn good acting chops.