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Hi all.

I was looking at my DVD collection and I began to wonder if any of buy your movies new or used?

I try to wait to buy a movie. Sometimes I can't wait and I get it the first day out, but I mostly wait. To save money.

I have gotten my movies at the usual places like Wallie World, Target, Block Buster, a few game stores, pawn shops, and the flea market too.

So my question to you all is, do you prefer your DVDs New or Used, and where do you go to purchases them from?


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Obviously I prefer them new, but as long as the cases are in good condition and the DVD is not scratched, then I don't mind at all.


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I buy them new, but not newly released (when the prices are still too high). I wait until they're in promo price or search the net here. We have several sites that sell new dvds cheaper because they're manufactured in nearby Euro countries where the general cost of DVDs (or cost of living) are cheaper. Just have to make sure they have French subtitles.
I've said this a few other times on here, but I have gotten burned big-time buying used things, so I try my damndest to stay away from them.


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I buy them new when I want a DVD that just came out but I really try to buy used.

I've never bought a scratched DVD or game and most places have a decent return policy.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi ya..

I have never had any issues with used DVDs, mainly because I check them before I buy them. But i'm pretty picky about what condition the DVD has to be in.

If there any scratches or the DVD is missing it's cover I don't buy it.


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I usually buy my DVD's brand new, but if there's this movie that I really want and I cannot find it brand new then yes I'll buy it used, but it must have the case. I don't really like buying DVD's when they don't have their appropriate case for it.